Life Cycle Cost

At Nova Bus, we’ve long been driven to reduce your vehicle’s life cycle cost with significant fuel and maintenance cost savings. It makes all the difference. With thousands of Nova LFS buses on the roads and millions of miles logged, we have a track record that you can count on.

Keep it running

At Nova Bus, we build and design buses with transit authorities and passengers in mind. We maximize style, performance and maintainability to provide you with a sleek looking and reliable bus, which offers one of the industry’s leading life cycle cost.

From an engineering point of view, well, let’s just say that we don’t take a back seat to anyone, with proven technologies and ease of maintenance. Fast repairs, accessible components, user-friendly diagnostic tools and durability are just a few of our design criteria to maximize your vehicle’s uptime throughout its entire life cycle.

Lightweight buses

Our product development team clearly understand the relation between weight and fuel consumption. That’s why we include weight targets in all our product improvements.

For every pound added, our engineers find ways to reduce the vehicle’s weight by an equivalent amount, without compromising the bus’ life cycle cost, design integrity and safety.

Save your fuel dollars

With its lightweight design and the Nova eCooling, our proprietary integrated electric engine cooling system, the Nova LFS achieves significant reductions in maintenance costs, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our vehicle scores high with fuel savings of up to 25%, which translates into reducing your vehicle’s life cycle cost when compared to a 10-year vehicle.

Built to last

The Nova LFS stainless steel structure has been successfully tested for fatigue and impact resistance over the years.

It does not require any structural overhaul or regular, and costly, anti-corrosion treatments. Our Nova LFS structure design far exceeds APTA White Book crashworthiness requirements and has proven to be one of the safest in the industry.