Introducing the new LFSe+ Battery Electric vehicle

For the city that never sleeps and the city that sleeps like a baby. For the city that appreciates nature’s whispers and the city that sings along. For the city that breathes deeply and the city that makes people breathless.

We at Nova Bus think that a bus should be designed to be just as reliable as your best friend. We make sustainable transit solutions for every city’s needs. Made to minimize downtime and handle the toughest challenges. No matter the topography, weather, date or time. We are there, in everyday life, early morning and late at night, with buses you can always count on. For the clean, for the quiet and for the living city.

LFSe+ key features

To deliver on our promise to provide the most efficient and reliable long-range electric-powered buses, we have equipped our new LFSe+ vehicles with BAE Systems’ innovative electric technology.

  • Proven HDS200 motor from BAE Systems
  • Zero emissions with all electric accessories
  • Modular battery options capable of storing up to 564 kWh of on-board energy

Dual charging flexibility

Long range

For the city that covers a lot of ground. For the crosstown commuters and for the explorers at heart. We at Nova Bus make vehicles for every city that needs reliable public transportation that reaches the remote parts of town.

Clean air

For the city that takes a breath of fresh air. For the joggers in the street and the toddlers at the playground. We at Nova Bus make vehicles for every city that needs sustainable and clean public transportation.

Great uptime

For the city that operates around the clock. For the people who break the dawn and for those who love the wee hours. We at Nova Bus make vehicles for every city that needs public transportation that’s always there.