Nova LFS Artic

Nova LFS Artic

Increased productivity

  • Platform and design commonality enhance serviceability and reduce costs

Optimal passenger flow

  • The middle axle equipped with single extra-wide tires offers the industry’s largest center aisle

Structural Integrity

  • Maximizes driver and passenger security


Download specifications (PDF)
Propulsion Diesel, Hybride
Length 62' (18.90m)
Width 102'' (2.59m)
Height 10' 6'' (3.20m) Diesel
10' 9'' (3.28m) Hybrid
Interior height 93'' (2.36m) excluding rear axle
74'' (1.88m) over rear axle
Seats Up to 62
Standees Up to 50
Structure Stainless Steel
Roof-mounted HVAC Mobile Climate Control Eco 353
Mobile Climate Control Eco 136e
Thermo King AM2
Engine Cummins L9 330HP
Cummins L9 Hybrid 330HP
Transmission options Diesel:
ZF EcoLife (6 speed),
Allison B500R (6 speed)
Voith D864.5E (4 speed)

BAE HDS300, Allison H EP 50
Axles ZF RL-82 (Front)
ZF AVN-132 (Middle)
ZF AV-132 (Rear)
Brake system ABS all-wheel disc brakes with traction control
Turning radius 44' 8'' (13.61m)
Fuel tank capacity 125 gallons